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How to Update Your Web Site.

For almost any site created by Webbits Designs that involves the use of a database, we will normally create an administration facility. The administration facility will allow you to keep the information on your site current, and easy to maintain. As part of your web site, Webbits Designs will build a separate section called the “Admin Section”. The “Admin Section” is a password-protected area of your web site that can be accessed using a web browser from any place there is an internet connection: your office, home, wireless device, etc. Using a series of online forms, you will have the ability to add, edit, or delete information contained within the database. For example, if your site contains a stock list database, you could simply add an item, edit an existing item, or delete the item.

Explain the technology involved in the back ground of my web site.


Simply put, a database is a computerized record keeping system. A database might be as complex and demanding as an account tracking system used by a bank to manage the constantly changing accounts of thousands of bank customers. A database may also be quite simple such as a collection of addresses on your computer. Databases are used in web sites to accomplish the following three functions.

Managing Information:

Databases are perfect for managing large amounts of information. The information is broken down into records and fields. Think of your address book as a paper database. Each person in your address book would be considered a record. The fields would be the unique items that make up the record. Using the address book example, the fields would be First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Address, etc.

Manipulating Information:

When you place information into a database, the functionality of searching and categorizing is created. In the world of the Internet, you can allow a user to search through the information in the database by using certain criteria. The user may also categorize the information in any manner or break it down into smaller parts.

Using an online car dealership as an example, the dealership would contain its entire stock of cars in a database. You can then search that database by using keywords such as the model of a car, or the manufacturer etc. Further, you could categorize the information by selecting to see a list of cars within a certain price range. Databases make finding the right information a quick and easy process for the user.

Making Updates Easily:

Databases are a simple and proven way for you to add, edit, delete or archive information for your web site. Basically, Webbits Designs will create a "back-end" system that allows you to maintain the information in your database from any computer connected to the Internet. Meaning you can do this without the need of any special knowledge in the art of web site creation. As a Webbits Designs client, you will be given a special, password-protected area of your web site, where you can manage your databases all by using simple forms – and the data is updated on your web site instantly.

Database Training?

It should be noted that Webbits Designs are happy to provide training on the maintenance of the databases. We normally set aside about a one hour lesson on how to maintain and update the information using our very simple forms. Our back-end systems are so easy, that generally the training takes less than 10 minutes. However, if you require more training time, we would be happy to assist at no additional charge.

What about the photographs to be used on the web site?

This at first this can be a very daunting process. Have no fear, with the right kind of software this will become a very pleasurable experience. Webbits Designs are here to help and we take a proactive approach to this learning. We hold your hand every step of the way. We have a proven technique in teaching the art of photograph optimization.

  • We sit down with the client at their computer with the software needed running.
  • We take a photograph that requires optimizing for the use on the internet.
  • We then go through each of the stages involved in the manipulation of that photograph, step by step.
  • Whilst we do this the client is making notes in their own words. We have found that this is the best way of learning. We have tried a number of other techniques, but this one seems to work every time.
  • The next stage is for the client to actually optimize a photograph with us there next to them. We will answer any questions they have as they go through the stages. We will point them in the right direction when they make a mistake.
  • Once we are happy that the client has a good grasp of the concept of photograph optimization, we leave them on their own. We will still be available close by for any questions, although we will not be sat by their side.

Don't just take are word for it.

Take a look at some of clients web sites. We hope that you will see how we have taken each business in it's own right and created an internet solution that not only reflects the nature of the clients business but offers the ability to manage and maintain it's content. Click on the 'PORTFOLIO' button to see for yourself what we mean.

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