Web sites that work for our clients.

What have we created todate?

We have over our 11 years in business, helped a number of small to medium sized organisations make the most of the power of the Internet. We have been drafted in as advisors to larger corporations to act as independant consultants. We have looked at companies marketing budgets and strealined them to make better use of the resources available. We have designed and created proof artwork for a number companies print marketing needs. We have created branding from fresh for a number of businesses. We have even managed to help a business sell more products whilst their only medium for advertising has been the Internet.

Lets look at some work live.

Below you will see a number of Internet marketing solutions we have created for clients. We have decided to show four Car Dealers web sites. Click on the relevant 'Banner' to open these web sites in a new browser window. We do hope that you enjoy browsing these web sites and that you don't end up spending to much money with them.

Silverstone Cars - based in Clevedon.

Silverstone Cars built their considerable success on supplying vehicles that are out of the ordinary or from the higher end of the market. Since 1996, Gary Peacock and spotted a gap in the automotive market and set about trying to plug it. The result is Silverstone Cars a car dealership with an original take on the motortrade and a burgeoning reputation for quality customer service.

Our involvement started 11 years ago. We were asked to create an internet presence that would reflect the prestige quality of their vehicles and their total commitment to quality customer service. We looked at their business and decided that they needed a sharp modern easy to navigate web site. We also needed to develope an easy to use content management system. The training involved was structured in such a way as to make each step in the maintenance of this web site a pleasure. Gary has sucessfully been maintaining this web site since it's launch.

Mark Arnold Motor Trade - based in Cowhill nr Thornbury.

Mark Arnold and his wife have been involved in the motortrade for years and decided a few years ago to offer people a different way to buy a car. They supply a range of vehicles for sell from their own property based in the rural setting of Cowhill. It is their goal to offer the customer a high quality vehicle at a competitive price and to conduct business in an informal, open, friendly and straight forward manner.

Our involvement with Mark Arnold Motor Trade started about 7 years ago. Webbits designs don't advertise anywhere other than the internet and Mark had been searching for an agency that he felt would create him a web site that would help him display his cars to the best effect without losing his personal identity. He found 'Swiss Valley Cars' and liked what he saw. After his consultation he felt sure that we would develope a web site that not only worked well for his business but one that he would enjoy keeping upto date.

We are very proud of this web site. It works very well. What do we mean by 'works well'? Mark and his wife sell a lot of cars from this web site. This is a great achivement as their business is totaly centered around their home and this is not the most orthadox method for selling vehicles. We believe that the nature of the web site shows that Mark Arnold Motor Trade are professional in their approach to selling cars. Mark has been keeping his web site fresh and upto date daily since his first site was launched. This web site is the sixth incarnation and he always looks forward to the new look web site we create for him every year. This speaks volumes about the way we conduct our business and how successful our web sites are. If they didn't work, Mark would not entertain our business.

Falfield Cars - Based in, Surprise, Surprise Falfield.

Nick Dodds a car dealer selling a broad range of cars contacted us to discuss the possibility of us designing a web site for his business. He had been watching Mark Arnolds various sites for a number of years. He had noticed the amount of stock Mark turned around. The amount of cars Mark sold from his site amazed him. He knew that Mark sold his cars from his home. He was also aware that Mark didn't spend a fortune on in direct marketing. He knew that Mark Arnolds business was primarily based around the internet.

That is where we came in. Nick phoned and asked if we could visit his fledgling car sales business and give him a consultation. We listened to what he had to say about where he he wanted his business to go. We discussed the kind of stock that he was selling at that present time and what he intended to sell in the future. We had a look at all his marketing, direct and indirect. Armed with all this information we came up with a strategy for taking his business forward. Nick understood what we had advised and made the decision to come on board. His web presence seems to be working well. It has given him the confidence to buy and sell the rare, unusual and expensive model of car. His style is very down to earth and we believe this comes across in his web site.

Freewheeler - four years old and still producing fantastic results.

What a great advert for our skills. Paul Watkins, what a star. 4 years ago we made contact with Paul. We knew that his style of business was screaming out for our involvement. Paul sells his stock of cars from his home, In a similiar way to Mark Arnold. The difference was what Paul had to sell. Freewheeler sells performance and prestige vehicles. His stock was mainly high end BMW's and Merc's.

We knew that any site that we created for Paul had to be sharp and crisp. It had to be easy to navigate. We wanted it to show off the cars to best effect. We wanted it to be uncluttered and informative. With Pauls limited knowledge of internet technoligies it had to be easy to use. I think we succeeded. Perhaps we designed something to good. We would love to have a go at redesigning his site but it is still working and selling cars. We believe this could still look fresh in five years time. What better advertisement of our skills could you ask for. Take a look at his site by clicking the banner below.

Did you enjoy taking a look at our work?

Hopefully you can see that the web sites we create here at Webbits Designs are as individual in design as the businesses they portray. Each one of the sites displayed above are successful for a number of individual reasons. One interesting point about some of our clients is the fact that they have returned to us for their re-designs. Swiss Valley Cars are using version 3. Meanwhile Mark Arnold is presently using version 6 and we are confident that he will contact us for version 7. This is great news for us. It means that the products and services we provide are right for our customers. But more importantly right for their customers.

What next? Click on the 'Contact' button above and drop us a line. If you have a small or medium sized business and you feel we can help, the first step is to get in touch. The second step is the consultation. This is going to cost you nothing but your time. You can not lose. We look forward to hearing from you.

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