Defining your online identity.

Webbits Designs approach to web design.

The way we focus on web design isn’t rocket science but based around a tried and tested formula:

  • Consistency between existing marketing material and the proposed online marketing
  • Ease of navigation
  • Logical structure of information.

Our approach to website design involves extensive collaboration between the client and ourselves. This can take time to develop an understanding of site objectives, artistic preferences, and branding messages of the organization. What makes us a true web design agency is our passion to collaboratively create artistic and exciting representations of your business that meets your marketing and organizational objectives.

What are the benefits in using Webbits Designs? Build your image. Provide information. Maintain relationships.

A company website is intended to be virtual interface and storefront. Millions of users search the Internet to find information and pre-evaluate companies before spending the time to talk to them about their products and services. It is crucial that the website is consistent with the company image, branding and existing marketing materials. Even in companies where websites do not directly drive revenue, not having a web site can be unnerving for new customers. Websites are another place where organizations can get across their corporate information and form closer relationships with prospective clients, employees, and business partners.

Web development services summary.

Web Development provides the back-end functionality behind the website user interface that makes all of the features work. Webbits Designs develops sites that load quickly and display correctly across multiple web-browsers. Web development expertise is crucial to application development that solves business needs. We stick with tried and tested web development solutions. Our websites are created using the market leading Internet development tolls from Macromedia. We have been using the Macromedia suite of web development tools for 11 years. Over this period of time we have learnt how to get the right solutions for corporate web site design and development. We only ever use tried and tested solutions for our client’s web sites. This arms us with a confidence in our products and services which leads to a more proactively stable relationship with our customers.

What are the benefits.

  • Integration. A well-developed website which is also aesthetically pleasing. More than just a ‘pretty website’. A website developed and designed by Webbits Designs offers the best of both worlds in accomplishing company objectives
  • Functionality. Whether your development needs are for interactive user interface tools, content management functions, complex forms, or database applications. Webbits Designs can provide the backbone of your website.

The ‘Webbits Designs’ solution.

Webbits Designs are professional because we have taken a dedicated approach to developing websites. While many companies outsource either the design or development, we believe it is important to offer expertise in both areas with an integrated approach. Our designer and developer collaborate to achieve designs that are consistent with the programming features and site architecture.

All of this while still maintaining standards of excellence on visual aesthetics. We listen. Webbits Designs understand that form follows function, and that the best way to design a site is to uncover all of the objectives before any preliminary designs are created. We meet directly with our clients to discuss design and business-related website objectives, functionality and artistic preferences. Armed with detailed information, we develop design templates and solutions that best reflect the clients’ needs.

We are able train a company on how to use content management tools. This allows non-technical website administrators to manage website news articles, services, and products to keep their company sites fresh. Unfortunately we do not offer an E-commerce website solution. The reason for this is that we only promote services that we have sufficient knowledge of. This doesn’t mean that we have closed the door on this area of web development but at the moment we do not feel confident enough in our own knowledge base in this sector. Webbits Designs have been in business since 1997 because we have a policy of not selling a client a product that they don’t need or don’t want.

We have taken the technical aspect of web design and broken it down to its basic form. We communicate with our clients in a down to earth non techie fashion. We believe that by doing this our client feel a lot more comfortable and confident in our abilities. We have an enthusiasm for all things internet related and we believe that this comes across in our work.

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