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A company that evolves with technology.

Webbits Designs began in 1997 as a sole trader web design company. With a reputation of quality service and workmanship, the company grew to offer services such as full internet consultation, graphic design work and eventually full web site development. With the addition of each new service, Webbits Designs continued to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction while looking at how new technologies and services could enhance their service to their clients. Webbits Designs have always realized the importance of the electronic medium for all businesses. Webbits Designs took a new direction in 2000 by changing from a traditional web design agency to a full blown one stop web development agency for the small to medium size businesses. This new direction grows from Webbits Designs commitment to providing a quality, professional service with the interest of our clients in the forefront of our minds. Webbits Designs now offers the services of two highly motivated and talented professionals ready to help with your developmental needs. From simple web design to complex web solutions. Webbits Designs are focused on the values of quality workmanship, quality service, at a cost-effective price.

The power of our team.

Webbits Designs has proved itself as a small, but reliable, stable and progressive company during it's 11-year tenure. We are not guided by quantity. We are guided by quality of service and attention to each of our clients. We have the ability to create complex database driven web site solutions in house. We do not sub contract out any of the work involved in the construction of our web sites. We feel that this is an important part of the integrity of our company as web developers. We know this works for our clients, as it speeds up communication and instills a confidence that creates a better working relationship. Although there are only two of us here at Webbits Designs, we have all the necessary talents needed to produce pro-active online marketing. We create websites that create an inviting and intuitive atmosphere to ensure an enjoyable, informative and user friendly experience for your customers. A custom site management tool is also developed so the site can stay current with fresh content, stimulating action and stirring interest.

How many roles do we as Web Developers need to play?

Whether your business is a nonprofit organization, a small or medium sized company, chances are your website requires your designer to wear five different hats:

  • Business Strategist
  • Marketing Mastermind
  • Code Monkey
  • Content Developer
  • Graphic Designer

Within our small agency we have all the above skills. Over the years we have focused on each of these areas in turn and believe that we have managed to link these skills together to make us a formidable team within the internet marketing world. Although a small business might believe they need a Web designer, what they truly need is a Webmaster. We have never really thought of ourselves as gurus in any one of the five positions, don't be put off. 90% of companies need someone who is pretty good at all of the tasks, rather than someone who is excellent in only one or two of the roles. Let's examine each of the hats we must wear in order to help your company become the owner of a successful website.

Business Strategist: Start With A Plan.

It's impossible for a website to meet or exceed its goals if it doesn't align with a business goal. We call this clarification- without it our clients probably won’t get any results with their website. We work with your clients to gain a solid understanding of their company's history, vision and short and long term goals. We ask questions. Offer suggestions on how the Web can help their company meet their goals, or on how goals can be modified to take advantage of technological opportunities. We introduce ideas that can help the business grow and evolve through the website and technology.

Marketing Mastermind: Sell It To Your Audiences.

A decent website has all of the relevant information—background information on the company, information on the products or services on offer, relevant contact info, etc. A superb website meets both business and marketing goals and fashions the information in a way that appeals to, and speaks to its audiences. It's not enough just to have the information online. Like all businesses, the companies that advertise with an attractive and inviting look and feel, are the ones that will be more successful. Whether it's making it easy for potential customers to find a business through search engine positioning or communicating with potential or current clients through an online newsletter, don't forget your marketing, or your customers will forget you.

Code Monkey—It's Gotta Work.

This is the core job of a Webmaster…someone sitting in that dark corner office typing in a wierd language …but it is still important. It is a necessity that a web site is technically sound, making sure there are no broken links or images, and that it has multi-browser functionality. Whilst wearing all of our other hats, we don't forget to do periodic checks and tests of the pages in different environments to make sure we are getting your message across in the way you intended. Our motto here is “keep it simple, keep it smart”. Remember when things go wrong that we are the people responsible for fixing the problems while juggling with the other four roles.

Content Developer—Words and Pictures Matter.

Certainly, an attractive website is important. We make sure, however, that your online presence has words and messages that are meaningful, relevant, up-to-date and consistent. All this while still incorporating keywords and content that drive search traffic. How many times have you visited a website and read through its pages only to disgustedly realize that it hadn’t been updated since 1999? And how many times have you looked at a website rife with grammatical errors, typos and confusing information? How many times did you return to either of those websites? Make sure that your website's words and graphics represent your company's products and services. Although this is an important part of being a Webmaster, with the web sites we design our clients have a great deal of control over the content of their web site. We design sites that enable daily updating of products and services.

Graphic Designer—Yes, It Has To Be Pretty.

The Internet was developed initially for use by government agencies and institutions of higher learning—not exactly the sorts of entities that bring thoughts of unbridled creativity to mind. Visual design, brand awareness and marketing savvy weren’t exactly high priorities. Since the Internet has evolved, however, designers are pushing the boundaries of what the web can do. An attractive website that maintains consistency with offline marketing elements and images is imperative. Empty visuals that promote unattainable promises will hurt your marketing efforts. Instead we focus on creating a simple visual message that can be carried over into other mediums. This not only makes our lives as Code Monkies easier, it also gives us kudos as Marketing Masterminds. We create a visually compelling online home that maintains the key branding elements from our clients offline campaigns. The synergies created will produce results that both our clients and their potential customers will appreciate.

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